You’ve Had A Great Time Clearing Waste From Your Garden. Now You Need To Hire A Garden Waste Removal Team!

Can I hire waste clearance services for my garden?

Yes you can! In the UK we love our gardens and take great joy in maintaining them. You don't want to allow old waste to kill the grass underneath so it's best to remove it as soon as possible. Garden cleaning entails physically clearing the garden, and it can be done as part of regular garden upkeep. Whatever has to be cleared out can be taken away, albeit dangerous or bulky objects may incur additional charges when using a specialised waste clearance services. In London, space can be tight. Hiring a garden waste removal group can be a smart idea. If you are simply clearing waste from your garden or wish to completely remove everything and design a new garden, a garden waste disposal team can help you with this. 

Allow HR Rubbish Removal to dispose of your garden waste. Calculate the amount of trash that has to be taken away. Most of the time, estimating whether the amount will fill a 3.5 tonne tipper cage or a Luton box van should be simple. If you're having trouble estimating the weight or volume of your trash, give our courteous and helpful staff a call and we'll be pleased to assist you. You may then use the handy charts on our website to get your own garbage removal quote. They operate anywhere within 15 miles of the M25, including London. You can trust them to dispose of your trash safely and responsibly because they are fully licensed and environmentally conscious.

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Is there anything waste removal services won't remove from my garden?

Yes, there are many items that a waste removal company won't remove in London and elsewhere across the UK. Biological or medical waste, oil, petrol, or fuel, gas bottles or fire extinguishers, unbagged domestic waste, poisonous substances such as asbestos, raw meat or raw fish (unless packed), or harsh chemicals solvents are among the items that many disposal firms refuse to accept. Waste clearance can be a messy job so it's best to ensure none of these items are preventing debris or garden waste from being cleared. You don't want the professionals wasting time and money having to search through the garden waste to ensure there are no dangerous or harmful items before they can begin waste disposal. These items will need to be disposed of properly as they can be environmentally harmful. If there are too many items such as the ones listed about, the professionals might not be able to touch your garden rubbish. Garden waste clearance is a serious business and the safety of the specialists must come first. 

They are able to remove items such as furniture, fridges, mattresses, TV monitors and much more. If you do require large items to be included in the clearance, it is advised to let the waste disposal professionals know so that a skip can be arranged if necessary. Their services are not limited to residential gardens. They also have contracts to maintain your local park and commercial buildings and their surrounding grounds.

Will a garden waste collection service remove tree waste?

Yes, they are able to remove branches, twigs and leaves. You can separate the green waste from all the other waste to save the garden clearance team time, thus saving you money. Garden waste clearance can be a long and tedious task which is why it is recommended to allowed a clearance team to come in and do the work for you. They will come to your house with all the relevant equipment on the same day or the next day. For a large clearance, several days may be required in order to remove all your garden rubbish. Many items can be removed by waste removal services. Such as furniture and household appliances. HR Rubbish Removal services provide a price list of large items that they are happy to remove on their website for you to read. Please click on this link to be redirected for further information about our prices. You can get in contact with specialists to discuss the clearance and waste disposal of green waste and other items in your garden.

How do you dispose of garden waste?

You can either dispose of it yourself by putting it on a bonfire or compost heap where it takes months to decompose or take it to a recycling centre in London. Some authorities provide a specific garden waste bin and collect it as part of their residential waste collection program. Garden waste can be recycled at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre if you don't have this type of pickup service or if your container is full. The only problem with this is that many people living in London don't have a car or a car big enough to carry the garden waste. If your neighbor or yourselves have a skip due to builders working on a job, you can put your garden waste inside the skip (with their approval first).  

However there is good news, you can hire a professional garden rubbish removal company. HR Rubbish Removals are the ones to call if you are in London or the surrounding areas of London. They are a full-service waste collection service company. They also provide a waste skip hire. This implies that the great majority of the garbage they gather gets recycled. Over 85% of waste is recycled, and some furniture is even restored and re-used. Scrap metal, plastic, paper, cardboard, and glass are all collected and delivered to a local disposal centre in London. Anything that can't be recycled is properly disposed of in accordance with Environmental Agency guidelines.

Can I burn any garden waste and green waste?

Garden waste that is green and/or damp, such as recent hedge or tree trimmings, should not be burned. This form of rubbish will emit a lot of smoke. You don't have to burn your garden waste because many city authorities supply bins for it. It is safe to burn dry garden waste. If you have a lot of green waste, you can hire garden waste collection services to manage the clearance of this type of garden waste. They specialise in clearance of garden waste and disposal of unwanted items such as furniture. With their services you can sit back and allow them to remove the garden waste that you can't. Separate the green waste from the rest of your garden waste as this will help to speed up the clearance of all your waste.

In the UK, you are allowed to have a bonfire and burn unwanted garden waste in the garden of your own house. If you live in London and have a small garden, we would recommend not having a big bonfire so as to prevent any accidents. You might find you are not able to have a bonfire in London if you house shares a garden with other houses. It's best to hire a rubbish removal company to complete the work for you by providing a waste removal.

How much does a garden clearance cost?

A garden clearance and waste removal costs on average £52.50 per hour or £210 per load. The cost is determined by the type of waste you are disposing of. It will cost less if you are clearing twigs and grass, but it will cost more if you have dirt, stones, patio slabs, or logs because of the added weight and labor required. If you require a clearance furniture disposal, this will cost a little more. They are able to do single items clearance if this is something you require. A bulky waste collection and clearance can be arranged if large items such as furniture are in need of disposal. Garden waste collection can normally be completed in one day in the London area. You can expect several friendly guys to turn up at your house and get to work on the garden clearance. Our staff will double-check the amount of waste and the price with you. If you're willing to be flexible and honest, you can end up paying less than you anticipated. If it's a higher figure, they'll double-check with you before proceeding. We cover north, south, east and west London as well as the surrounding areas of London off the M25.

Don't let your house lose it's appeal with a cluttered garden. Today everyone is busy working and struggle to find the time to clear the unwanted waste from their gardens. Waste disposal can be a difficult task in London which is why there are professionals on hand to handle all your waste disposal needs.