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How it works

HR Rubbish Removals provide a complete rubbish removal service, for domestic and commercial premises in London and anywhere within 15 miles of the M25. For house clearances, builders’ waste removal, furniture removal, and removing single items, we are the team to call.

As fully licensed, environmentally responsible rubbish removal specialists, you can rely on us to dispose of your rubbish safely and conscientiously.


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How you can have your rubbish removed

It’s as easy as 1-2-3


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Determine the amount of rubbish that needs to be cleared. Most times it should be easy enough to estimate whether the amount will fill a 3.5 ton tipper cage, or Luton box van. If the weight or volume of the rubbish is difficult to gauge, give our polite and friendly team a call and we’ll be happy to help. You can then use the handy charts to get your own quote for rubbish removal.


waste removal company in London and surrounding areas


Book a time for one of our two-person teams to come and collect your rubbish. You can book online through our handy form, or give us a call directly if you need guidance. Usually we will be available to pick up your rubbish on the same or following day. Once we have received your request, we shall send a text or email as confirmation.


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We will arrive in good time, with a van and a two-person team. They will confirm the amount of rubbish and the cost with you. Being flexible and honest, you may find yourself paying less than you expected. If it is a greater amount we will double-check with yourself before we begin. All rubbish is then removed and disposed of responsibly and ethically.



It’s as easy as 1-2-3!



What happens afterwards?

We are a complete rubbish removal company. This means we recycle the vast majority of the rubbish we collect. Over 85% of the rubbish is recycled, and some items of furniture are even refurbished and re-used. Materials like scrap metal, plastic, paper, cardboard, and glass are all taken to a local recycling centre. Anything that cannot be recycled is disposed of responsibly in accordance with Environment Agency regulations.





Get rid of your rubbish fast!

For waste clearance in London book a time with HR Rubbish Removals today.

Or alternatively you can contact us for a free quote on 020 7050 8888, or email us.